Rules and Conditions: Q & A


  • No Caffeine beverages
  • No Energy Drinks i.e  Mother, Red bull etc
  • No drugs. Drugs of any kind mean instant disqualification and police informed
  • Every hour a 10 min break will be given (please see during the dance pointers for what to do during this time.)
  • The last hour of contest will not include a break, it will be non stop dancing. If several contestants are still remaining, the contestants deemed more energetic and creative (dance wise) will be chosen as winners. The judges decisions are final. 


  • Tell your friends and family about Dance Til Dawn Marathon! Visitors can be a great way to boost your morale. There is no admission fee. Visitors are welcome from 10am-10pm.! Invite them to see their sponsored dollars hard at work!


May I leave early? May I come back?

  • In short: no and no. All contestants will receive a 10 minute supervised food, water and restroom break on the hour. If you need to leave during the event, for whatever reason, you will be considered dropping out of the marathon and your registration number will be removed. At this time, you must talk with the Event Director (for liability purposes) prior to leaving. If a medical problem or other situation will prevent you from continuing in the marathon in its entirety, contact the event director on duty. Special situations will be handled on a case by case basis.

Do I have to dance solo or can we sign up as a group?

  • No, U can dance as a group i.e "The Telstra Group" or "The Microsoft Group" etc but each person must register as an individual. Just let us know the name of your group so we can get this printed on your Dance Number and colour.

What if I sign up but wait to pay later?

  • You will not be officially registered until all registration fees have been paid. Just filling out the rego form will not secure your colour or dance number. There are limited numbers so we suggest completing your form and payment at the same time to avoid dissapointment.