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Master of Your Domain

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" The Book Every DJ Should Have! Over 2000 copies sold worldwide"

Covering: Public Speaking, Marketing, Beat Mixing, Advertising, Equipment, Radio/Voice Over, Promotion and much much more!

The DJ Factor

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" The Controversial book that goes inside the industry"

Covering: CD Burning, The Click, DJ Software, The Beat Mixing Myth, Money Management, Drugs, DJ Slanguage, Racism, Intelligent Lighting and More!

A Simple Guide to Starting your own DJ Business

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" Read this when you're tired of making everyone else rich"

Covers: Purchasing the right Equiment for your business, Dress codes, Selecting the right staff, How much do you charge? Business Telephone, Setting up office, Licenses and Legal Compliance, business Forms and Music Sheets, Financial Management, Sub-Contracting, advertising, Promotions, The do's and don'ts  of Business cards plus lots more tips and pointers!

How to earn a living as a DJ and/or MC Vol 1 " 10 easy steps"

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How to earn a living as a DJ and/or MC Vol 1 " 10 easy steps"

Covers: Insurance, DJ/MC Tools, Music Knowledge, Personality, Business Forms (includes bonus music and booking sheets for demo), Attire and Grooming, Mailing list, Licensing, Promoting and Tons more!

How to earn a living as a DJ and/or MC Vol 2 "The Sarge's latest release-Feb 2011"

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" How to make you and your business stand out" (All that glitters, can be gold!)

covers: Rewards and Loyalty programs, When saying NO to customers is good for business, Pricing Pyramids, Business Perceptions, Learning the styles and themes, Skills and training, Business routines, Eye the competition, My business the Cameleon, Placing your business on remote control plus lots more! Bonus chapters on fixing warped records and care for DVD's and CD's!

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