Special DJ Bootcamp Cruise Turntable Package



Check out the features:

They are great beginners units. Check out the turntable features:


• Belt drive motor - (the hardest units to use but fine tunes your skills faster) 

• Durable ABS base and cabinet.
• S-shaped tone arm with anti skate.
• Aluminium platter.
• 33 and 45 rpm.
• +/-10% pitch range.
• Anti-static slip mat.
• Adjustable tone arm.

• Features Ministry of Sound logo.
• DJ cartridge (Thats right includes headshell, cartridge and needle) 
• Perspex cover. (keeps the dust and little kids off your decks)


Get a pair (2) of these babies plus DJ Bootcamp the DVD and a copy of the Sarge'e DJ Handbook "The Master of your Domain" for only

$299.99 when you book and pay for cruise course! Or Click Turntable Workshops on the tool bar and get theses babies, plus a Numark battle mixer with a Turntable Workshop course for $549.99!

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