Donte  D1’s

DJ Bootcamp Turntable/CD Workshops Final 2011 course Nov 19th



With the new MP3 downloading laws taking effect soon, over 96% of all mobile, club and concert DJ’s will be effected


Since you can’t illegally down-load vinyl, it will be the way to go in the future.


If your whole DJ experience has been software, MP3 downloads and digital hardware, it’s time u go back to the future and learn using the gear where it all started. The Wheels of Steel


The DJ Bootcamps Turntable/CD workshops, will have you beat mixing and basic scratching with vinyl in 1 session. Covering:


  1. Equipment education (Which turntables are best and work for You)
  2. Proper Gear set-up for club and competitions
  3. Vinyl control
  4. Hand, Eye and Ear coordination
  5. Understand bridges, sessions, intros and outros
  6. Beat-counting, Timing
  7. Proper balance and tone arm settings
  8. Scratching Techniques and prep for competitions and battles
  9. Digital CD Mixing Fundamentals and Techniques using the Stanton C313 Digital CD Players


Workshops are held only twice a year and are 4 hours long. All students will receive graduation certificates upon completion of course plus a pair of Free Ministry of Sound DJ Turntables to keep (That's right we said Free!). In class, all students will get their own complete DJ set ups to practice (No need to sharing here). This set up includes:


Pair of  DJ Turntables and Digital CD Players (Technics,Numarks,Stanton), Professional DJ Mixer, DJ Headphones, Practice PA speakers, Cartridges and Practice Vinyl.


You have a choice of  2  courses:


  1. Turntable/CD Workshop Course only,9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm course times or

2. Turntable-CD/Scratch Workshop Course with a FREE pair of Ministry of Sound practice Turntables to take home. Yours to keep. 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm course Times







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 Turntable/Scratch Workshop plus FREE pair of Ministry of Sound Turntables$249.99>


Your FREE Turntable set up includes:




Pair of Ministry of Sound Practice DJ Turntables

Pair of slipmats

Pair of turntable cartridges

Pair of Dust covers for your Turntables

All cables

Bonus Pair of DJ Headphones (If booked before oct 15th

Bonus Copy of Numarks CUE DJ Software-Demo

Bonus Copy of Master Of Your Domain DJ Handbook by Donte "The Sarge" D one

Turntables have built in pre-amps for recording purposes


DJ Bootcamps Turntable-CD / Scratch workshops are held only twice a year, Limited spaces, so book now!


This course is 95% hands-on. No workbooks, No laptops, No software. Just solid skills and hands on training.


Are you prepared for the new MP3 down-load laws?


The DJ Bootcamp’s / CD Turntable Workshops will get you ready.


Att-ease Soldiers


Next and Final 2011 Workshop date is: Saturday Nov 19th, 2011 You have choice of the 9am-1pm session or 2pm-6pm session. Sign-up deadline is Oct 30, 2011 / Book before Oct 15th and get bonus headphones


Turntable Workshop courses are held at>Rydges World Square Sydney ( Corner of Liverpool and Pitt street-1 block from Townhall station)